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I know, no one reads these things, I also know that I am not supposed to start a paragraph with the word “I”. So, if you cannot be bothered, for some reason, to know my story and my mindset before paying me to do something, I have a summed up version of it:

As a brand designer, I recognize the significant responsibility that comes with the role. I have willingly declined projects in the past that did not align with my moral compass. Consequently, my objective is to craft authentic brands that genuinely express their unique stories to the intended audience. Rather than imposing brands on audiences through manipulative tactics, such as those who merely incorporate a rainbow flag in their logo while perpetuating harmful practices, I believe in the power of honest and responsible branding.

Cool right? I kinda hate it, so if you are cool enough, you can keep reading.

In all honesty, my appreciation for the significance of design dates back to my six-year-old self. It was a fateful day when I accidentally burnt my hand attempting to retrieve a slice of pizza from the scalding oven. That incident served as an early lesson, revealing the importance of a systematic approach to problem-solving. Fast forward 13 years, and the reading of "Design as Art" by Bruno Munari crystallized my understanding of design as our inherent skill to navigate life's challenges, ensuring we don't suffer burns while extracting a tempting slice of pizza from the oven.
When I was sixteen, I learned that art is vital for the development of society. It’s a free weapon that can help people fight their own battles; culture, after all, is the true engine of happiness. This is why I was doing Banksy-style graffiti in my crappy town below the volcano Vesuvius. I mean, I was sixteen, but what I learned from it is what matters.

At the age of 20, I moved to London, fortunate enough to study in one of the coolest universities on earth—graphic design was my focus, of course. Transitioning from a small town to a vibrant city exposed me to new facets of society. I learned about corporations, marginalized people, capitalism, and gentrification; some knowledge came from books I read, but most of it derived from living in an entirely new world. This experience led me to reevaluate my career goals. I arrived in London with the ambition of working for Nike, but I returned with a conviction that my work should serve a more significant purpose. For me, work ethic goes beyond being on time at the office, is about your heart.

These three pivotal moments in my life have shaped the designer I am today. Brain, heart and courage, I am like a mix of all the characters in the Wizard of Oz. My aim is to tell your stories, not fabricate them.

What else? I am Italian, from the city of the three fires, born and raised close to Naples. I am also a rapper. I can cook a great sweet and sour chicken.

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