Fabric x Logic - Club Culture

Designed for Warm Street / 2018

As the Head Designer at Warm Street in 2018, I led the design initiatives for a vibrant exhibition celebrating Club Culture. Collaborating with OurHistory and Logic Vapes, the event, expertly curated by Ernesto Leal, immersed audiences in pivotal movements from the last 50 years of global club culture. Warm Street took charge of all digital and out-of-home communication for this groundbreaking event.

The exhibition featured eight captivating scenes, each encapsulating the essence of iconic movements like Berlin Techno, Milan's Italo Disco, and USA Rave Culture. I meticulously crafted the visual identity, comprising eye-catching out-of-home and digital posters, designed to visually mirror the dynamic "waves" of club culture.

Beyond promotional materials, I introduced exclusive merchandising, including stylish tote bags and a uniquely crafted zine. Serving both as an exhibition catalogue and a cherished memento for attendees, the zine added a distinctive touch to commemorate the occasion. Given Fabric's typical emphasis on music events and limited history of exhibitions, the zine provided a special and memorable element.

This project not only celebrated club culture but also showcased Warm Street's prowess in creating immersive visual experiences.

General post + Out of home billboards

Some spreads from the zine

Tote bags design