Armani Exchange X Nina Las Vegas

Designed for Warm Street / 2019

In the realm of fashion and music synergy, I had the privilege of contributing as a graphic designer to a dynamic project with Armani Exchange, in collaboration with the innovative events agency Warm Street. My responsibilities spanned crafting a unique identity, designing a lock-up logo, and creating graphics for the DJ areas and photo booth within Armani Exchange's London stores. Additionally, my design sensibilities were showcased in the development of their website, complemented by engaging animations crafted by the talented Sophie Marschner.

The overarching challenge was exhilarating—to captivate the attention of the 18-30 age demographic and build anticipation for two exclusive events in Westfield Stores, all within a remarkably short span of under two weeks. The strategy involved harnessing the expansive reach of Instagram by leveraging the audiences of five influential DJs and producers: Nina Las Vegas, Naina, Jamz Supernova, Manara, and Jyoty.
The outcome was beyond expectation—over 750 sign-ups in just under two weeks. The Armani Exchange Westfield stores became the vibrant backdrop for two dynamic events that successfully drew in a diverse audience, introducing a new wave of customers to the brand. The collaboration with Warm Street proved instrumental in orchestrating this multifaceted project, exemplifying the power of creative synergy.

In this intersection of fashion, music, and design, our project embodied a celebration of style, sound, and the harmonious fusion of diverse talents under the esteemed Armani Exchange banner.