Warm Mag

Designed for Warm Street / 2019

I contributed to the design of Warm Magazine at Warm Street, where the focus was on cultivating a publication that caters to individuals interested in collaborating with musicians, whether for live performances or brand-oriented initiatives. What sets Warm Mag apart is its commitment to presenting information in a dynamic, fresh, and often humorously ironic manner, ensuring readers are engaged from start to finish.

In my role, I took on the responsibility of crafting the entire magazine layout and transforming the content into an engaging format that resonates with the vibrant tapestry of music culture. Drawing inspiration from the meta-modern grotesque wave and rave design posters, the aesthetic captured the essence of contemporary trends. Additionally, I designed a launch website for the magazine, marking this as one of my most gratifying projects in 2019.
The magazine's impact extended beyond its visual appeal. Featuring over 10 interviews and hundreds of insights covering music, marketing, and culture, Warm Mag garnered attention from some of the most influential agencies and experts in the cultural consultancy realm. This reception underscored the success of our collaborative efforts in creating a publication that resonated with both creativity and substance.