Mapo Mangment

Designed for Mapo Managment / 2023

Mapo is a talent management company dedicated to providing comprehensive support to musicians at every stage of their artistic journey. The objective of Mapo is to surpass transient trends, constructing resilient and enduring pathways. It is committed to amplifying the voices of those who have a distinctive narrative to share, nurturing careers that extend well beyond the flux of current fashions.

The name "Mapo" holds a delightful dual identity—it not only represents the agency but also mirrors the zestiness of an Italian citrus fruit, akin to a harmonious blend of mandarin and orange.
The design showcases the agency's name, "MAPO," at its core, utilizing a sleek and contemporary font. Beneath, a sans-serif font introduces their spirited slogan: "Solo roba fresca, grazie," translating to "Only fresh things, thanks." This clever play on words not only pays homage to the freshness of the Mapo fruit but also resonates with the agency's commitment to vibrant, innovative music.

In essence, the logo becomes a visual embodiment of Mapo's essence—a fusion of the agency's identity and the invigorating spirit of the music they champion. The thoughtful use of fonts, coupled with the clever slogan, ensures a seamless connection between the freshness of the Mapo fruit and the dynamic, lively nature of the music that Mapo is passionate about.