Let it be

Personal project / 2017

"Let It Be" is a publication that I've meticulously researched, written, and designed. It delves into the challenges faced by designers striving to express their personal agency — the freedom to do what truly resonates with them. Through a detailed exploration of design and philosophy, I crafted the content and brought the entire book to life, from layout to print finishing and binding.

A unique aspect of "Let It Be" is its unconventional self-interview format. In the English academic process, where citing someone requires an interview or authored work, I decided to interview myself, adding a touch of irony by citing other influential voices in my responses. This self-interview structure unfolds throughout the book, creating a dynamic interplay of ideas.
Rather than providing definitive answers, "Let It Be" raises questions about the interplay between structures and agency within the design world. It serves as a starting point for deeper conversations, sparking curiosity and reflection. To enrich the dialogue, fellow designers have shared insightful critiques at the end of each chapter, contributing an extra layer of depthto the book.

The book was intentionally crafted with a substantial size, rendering it incompatible with conventional shelves. This deliberate choice serves as a visual metaphor, emphasizing the concept of creative freedom unhindered by traditional design boundaries.