Siaomounmagazine Issue 01

Designed for siamounmagazine / 2023

In 2023, I collaborated with Emma Pinto and Miguel Angel Diaz to spearhead the design of Siamounmagazine's inaugural printed issue. This independent Italian music magazine has a dedicated focus on championing independent music. On the memorable date of November 26th, our first print issue hit the scene, unveiling 160 pages brimming with music, visual arts, and thought-provoking discussions on new artistic trends. Inside, a vibrant tapestry awaited: 36 interviews, 13 visual arts features, and 6 insightful articles.

The launch event surpassed all expectations, resulting in a complete sell-out of more than 200 copies in a single night. This success prompted a reprint edition two months later, which also flew off the shelves. Through the pages of the magazine, our mission was clear—to weave a narrative that captures the unfolding artistic tapestry of our peninsula. This issue serves as a generous gift not only to the emerging music and artistic scene but extends its reach beyond. It's a heartfelt offering to those who steadfastly believe in independent realities and envision the transformation of these beliefs into tangible realities.

Samuele Longo, one of the founders of Siamounmagazine, stated: “In a world increasingly dominated by the digital realm, the physical support of print becomes not only a choice but a necessity. While it may sound paradoxical, it's an undeniable truth. Our print publication is not geared toward profit; rather, projects like these may likely incur losses. However, the creation of a tangible newspaper, crafted entirely by us—from ideation to funding for printing—is crucial. This ensures that SIAMO doesn't remain confined to the intangible realms of the "online" world, where many magazines end up forgotten and collecting virtual dust.”

Events like these are born with the sincere intention of showcasing to the world what SIAMO truly represents—an assembly of friends fueled by a shared desire to create and transcend the transient nature of online endeavors.

Displayed below are the layouts I contributed to the magazine. Currently, we are hard at work on the upcoming issue, slated for release in the summer of 2024.