Nziem Festival 2023

Designed for Nziem Festival / 2023

In the summer of 2023, I took the reins as the Creative Director and Designer for Nziem Festival, a fresh addition to Naples' music scene, proudly championing independent artists. My role involved sculpting the festival's visual identity, from conceiving the logo to curating the aesthetic for their social media channels. In addition to these digital elements, I had the pleasure of translating the festival's essence into tangible artifacts — think impactful out-of-home posters, tasteful T-shirts, and distinctive stickers.

 Now, let's talk about the heartbeat of Nziem—the name. "Nziem" in Neapolitan dialect means "Together," and it encapsulates the festival's ethos beautifully. A concise word, rich in meaning, reflecting the spirit of unity through music, free from judgment—a sanctuary for both artists and attendees. This inclusivity extends seamlessly to the festival lineup, carefully curated to showcase a diverse array of independent talents.

The name "Nziem" also lent itself to playful expressions, like the laid-back slogan on our T-shirts: "Ciao, balliamo nziem io e te?" ("Hey, want to dance together?"). This casual charm is mirrored in our social media hashtags, creating a virtual space as inviting as our live events. And, of course, grounding the festival in the local Neapolitan culture was key. "Nziem" proved to be the perfect linguistic bridge between tradition and modernity.

Maintaining a strong connection with the festival,
I contributed to the branding of a more relaxed post-festival event held two weeks later. Picture this: a traditional Neapolitan Sunday lunch, while different artsits play on a stage next to you, casually tying back to our local roots. As we gear up for the 2024 edition, my collaboration with the team continues, poised to weave another chapter into the evolving story of Nziem Festival