Ecosuoni Festival 2023

Designed for Ecosuoni / 2023

Together with my talented colleague Guido Sangiovanni, I had the privilege of contributing to the vibrant Ecosuoni Festival 2023 as graphic and brand designer, as well as social media manager. This music festival, held in the picturesque hinterland of Naples, has become a cornerstone of the Southern concert calendar, with its main event taking place on September 9, 2023, at the enchanting Centro O' Giò in Palma Campania.

Our creative journey began by infusing the festival's visual identity with the same energy that defines its musical lineup. Manuel Agnelli, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, and Novaffair headlined a manifesto of rock intentions that promised an evening of live sounds, full concerts, and impactful performances. I meticulously crafted a brand narrative that echoed the intensity of the festival experience, bringing attention to the artistic significance of each act.

In collaboration with the festival's artistic direction, we broke the silence of the pandemic years with announcements that resonated like a distorted guitar riff. The exclusive regional headliner, Manuel Agnelli, frontman of Afterhours, became a focal point of our promotional efforts. The anticipation built around his band's extensive repertoire, culminating in the recent album "Ama il prossimo tuo come te stesso," added to the promise of an intense and unforgettable experience.

Our social media management extended the festival's reach, engaging the audience with the carefully curated lineup, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive content. By aligning with the festival's ethos, we conveyed a clear message about the musical and cultural journey that awaited attendees.

Agostino Finetti, the artistic director of Ecosuoni, recognized the importance of our design choices in conveying the festival's essence. We were pleased with the trust of the audience and the positive relationship with institutions, particularly the Municipality of Palma Campania, demonstrating attentiveness to social and cultural issues.

As the countdown officially began, our collaboration extended to ticket promotions on Ticketone and Dice circuits. The Municipality of Palma Campania, along with event partners Kozel Beer and Fontanella Distribuzione, and media partner Radio Punto Zero, solidified the festival's support network.

On September 9, as the doors opened at 7:30 PM, Centro O' Giò transformed into a sustainable and inclusive space, embodying the festival's spirit. The culmination of our work resonated in the visual identity, social engagement, and the overall experience, making Ecosuoni Festival 2023 a memorable celebration of music, culture, and community.

General poster + billboard

T-shirt design

Social media posts + instagram filter

Some moments from the festival