Mutants Magazine

Personal project / 2017

Mutants Magazine, a collaborative project initiated with Martina Kristic and Pietro Martini, aimed to provide a platform for emerging writers, artists, and designers with fewer than 1000 followers on Instagram. Our approach was simple: pick a theme and let artists create whatever resonated with them. In this particular issue, we delved into the concept of trespassing.

The first issue pondered the meaning of barriers, whether physical or metaphorical, that humans construct. These barriers, intended to safeguard dreams and thoughts, often confine individuals to spaces or ideologies they might not willingly choose. Trespassing, in this context, emerges as an act of survival—a means of breaking free and being true to oneself. However, we acknowledged the dual nature of trespassing as both a liberatory act and a potential violation of others' realities.

We championed the idea of jumping the metaphorical fence to live the reality we desire. The issue not only celebrated trespassing but also explored the dangers of invading someone else's reality. The diverse works contributed by the artists within this issue formed a journey into the unfamiliar, challenging our comfort zones and offering insights into the sensations experienced by outsiders in our society.

In my role as a designer, I crafted the entire branding for the magazine, from the logo to the website. Additionally, I handled the layout design for the magazine itself. This self-published endeavor found its way into independent shops, allowing us to connect with a variety of artists. The issue featured a collection of 7 poems, 4 interviews, 2 journalistic photo reportages, and an array of image-based art, fostering a rich range of creative expression.